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For more than a decade, the Brunswick & Topsham Water District (BTWD) in Maine has been using the AMS THM-100™ online THM analyzer to help manage THM concerns. Over the years, the online THM analyzer has been proven a valuable tool for the utility, enabling it to better understand its treatment processes and optimize operations. The utility relied on the analyzer to study supply and distribution management impacts on THMs, which resulted in a better understanding of operational impacts on THMs, as well as to help evaluate the analytical results and build confidence in the data being received from laboratories. In this episode of AMS Talks, Industry Consultant Nadia Abboud speaks with Craig Douglas, P.E., General Manager at BTWD, to discuss the district’s unconventional THM management journey and how the real-time data from the THM-100™ online THM analyzer opened the utility staff’s eyes to the impact of the operational decisions they were making. Armed with this important THM data, BTWD was able to not only optimize its existing treatment process, but also effectively design a new, fully optimized $30-million-dollar treatment facility with enhanced THM control.