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IWC 2023

Join AMS at the IWC 2023 from November 12-16 at the Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, TX to learn more about the innovative SafeGuard™ H2O treatment solution offered by AMS to remove a wide range of heavy metals and nutrients, as well as inhibit lead, copper and iron corrosion in water transport systems.  SafeGuard™ H2O is a fully automated system generating a ferrous or stannous based water treatment reagent on-site and on demand; the system also features real-time online monitoring of contaminant levels to optimize treatment and ensure compliance.

Vladimir Dozortsev Ph.D., Senior Product Manager at AMS and Roy Sanchez, CWP, Water Treatment Operator for the City of Alamosa will present results from a demonstration of the SafeGuard™ H2O technology to reduce arsenic to below 10 ppb in drinking water. The presentation “City of Alamosa Evaluates In-Situ Electrogenerated Ferrous Reagent to Support Arsenic Removal and Replace Bulk Ferric” will detail how this effective and economic arsenic removal technology reliably reduced arsenic levels and provided the City of Alamosa with a viable treatment solution to eliminate reliance on hazardous bulk chemicals and achieve regulatory compliance.

Florida Section AWWA Fall Conference

Join AMS’ Eric Jordan at the Florida Section AWWA Fall Conference in Championsgate, FL from November 26 – 30, 2023. AMS will be showcasing its highly competitive portfolio of advanced water treatment technologies to analyze water quality in real-time and treat water/wastewater for inorganic or trace metal contaminants. AMS’ solutions analyze and treat for contaminants such as As, Cr(VI), Cu, Fe, H2S, Hg, P, Pb, Mn, THMs, Se and more.

ASDWA Annual Conference 2022

AMS will be showcasing solutions to predict, control and treat water and wastewater from heavy metal and inorganic contaminants at the ASDWA Annual Conference being held in Scottsdale, Arizona from October 17-19, 2022. Visit us to learn more about AMS’ online water quality instruments (Instran™, MetalGuard™, SafeGuard™ and THM-100™) that provide accurate and reliable data through continuous real-time monitoring and AMS’ SafeGuard™ H2O advanced in-situ reagent generation technology that provides an affordable, non-hazardous and environmentally sustainable solution to remove these contaminants. Visit us at Booth #15 to learn more.

AZ Water Conference 2022

Join AMS at the AZ Water Conference in Phoenix, AZ from April 12-14, 2002. AMS will be showcasing their technology platform of advanced solutions that help utilities to analyze and treat trace metal and inorganic contaminants such as As, Cr(VI), Cu, Fe, H2S, Hg, P, Pb, Mn, THMs, Se and more. Visit Booth #925 to learn more.


Instran™ online inorganic water quality analyzers from AMS provide accurate, rapid, real-time, reliable and multi-stream analysis of inorganic contaminants such as ammonia, fluoride, phosphate and nitrate. Instran provides high frequency real-time data with a sensitivity of 10 ppb or 0.01 mg/L and a measurement time of approximately 10 minutes to support sustainable, accurate control of the drinking water and wastewater treatment processes.


High frequency, real-time data on contaminants such ammonia, fluoride, nitrate, phosphate and more from the online Instran™ inorganic water quality analyzers support sustainable, accurate control of drinking water and wastewater treatment processes.