Aqua Metrology Systems

Texas Water 2024

Join AMS at Texas Water April 9-12, 2024 in Fort Worth, Texas. With a highly competitive portfolio of advanced water treatment technologies to analyze water quality in real-time and treat water/wastewater for inorganic or trace metal contaminants, AMS provides facilities with proven solutions that improve their energy efficiency and help them control their GHG emissions. AMS’s online analyzers enable facilities to achieve water treatment process optimization and reduce the use of chemicals and energy. AMS’s SafeGuard™ H2O treatment solution, an innovative in-situ reagent generation system, addresses the weaknesses of legacy treatment systems that are dependent on bulk water treatment chemicals and have significant lifetime costs. Stop by to learn about our solutions for As, Cr(VI), Cu, Fe, H2S, Hg, P, Pb, Mn, THMs, Se and more.