Aqua Metrology Systems

Disinfection By-products

THM levels in a water treatment system can change rapidly. Without real-time data on THM levels across their networks, water treatment companies face the risks of under-treating or over-treating their water.

Our online THM analyzers (THM-100™, THM-100™ FP, THM-RR™) serve as an essential element to ensure regulatory compliance with THM standards. The real-time data provided by our online THM analyzers drive system optimization and timely remedial intervention.



The THM-100™ online THM analyzer provides automated, unattended measurement of THMs levels; measuring chloroform or bromoform species as well as Total THM and THM Formation Potential.

Our THM-100 online THM instrument enables users to protect the environment from harmful disinfection by-products while controlling operational and treatment costs by:

  • Determining the THM Formation Potential of raw or treated water and wastewater
  • Quickly detecting changing THM levels
  • Optimizing chemicals usage and reducing associated labor costs
  • Maximizing media lifetime, extending the time between costly media replacement
  • Reducing operational downtimes
  • Maximizing blend efficiencies and minimizing treatment usage
  • Reducing labor and sampling costs
  • Assisting in water quality monitoring in handover points in consecutive water systems

The operation of every THM-100 online THM monitor is supported with remote, 24/7 factory monitoring to ensure the quick identification and remediation of operational issues. This unique approach minimizes downtime and optimizes performance.

Every THM-100 online THM monitor is offered with an annual service contract inclusive of a 5-year warranty.


The rapid response benchtop THM-RR™ analyzer provides fast, reliable and accurate analysis of THM concentrations for water treatment operators, consulting engineers and THM treatment system vendors. The THM-RR delivers valuable THM performance data far faster than external laboratories.