Aqua Metrology Systems

Predict & Control

AMS believes real-time water quality analysis is essential to environmental protection. Our water quality instruments provide accurate and reliable data on disinfection by-products (THMs), trace metals (arsenic, chromium, copper, iron, lead, manganese, selenium and more) and inorganics (ammonia, fluoride, phosphates, nitrate and more) through continuous online monitoring.

Our instruments help drive intelligent water treatment systems, they can ensure that system performance is optimized to avoid under- or over-treatment and the real-time data enables timely remedial intervention.

The operation of every online monitor supplied by AMS is supported with remote, 24/7 factory monitoring to ensure the quick identification and remediation of operational issues. This unique approach minimizes downtime and optimizes performance. Every system is offered with an annual service contract inclusive of a 5-year warranty.

Disinfection By-products

Reliable data on THM and THM Formation Potential concentrations is required to mitigate the presence of harmful DBPs and monitor the success of THM remediation processes. Accurate and real­‐time data on THM concentrations is only possible with the online THM‐100™ analyzer.

Trace Metals

Contaminants such Arsenic, Chromium-6, Lead, and Selenium have come under increased regulatory pressure due to their impact on public health and the environment. The ability to obtain high frequency data and adjust contaminant remediation processes in real‐time to mitigate the impact of trace metals is only made possible through the use of the online MetalGuard™ and SafeGuard™ analyzers.


High frequency, real-time data on contaminants such ammonia, fluoride, nitrate, phosphate and more from the online Instran™ inorganic water quality analyzers support sustainable, accurate control of drinking water and wastewater treatment processes.