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Online Instrument for Raw-Water THM Precursor Analysis

AMS presented a reliable, rapid, and online method for predicting the potential formation of THMs from raw or treated water at the CA/NV AWWA Fall Conference 2018.”Online Instrument for Raw-Water THM Precursor Analysis” detailed how this novel technology is helping utilities make adjustments to their treatment processes in real-time to minimize the production of THMs.

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Data from Online THM Monitoring Aids Water Treatment Operations at Aigües de Barcelona

Aigües de Barcelona uses the intelligent THM-100™ monitoring technology to help anticipate water quality issues, implement the necessary control measures, optimize performance, and reduce operational costs. This innovative case study was presented at the SWAN 2018 conference.

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Veolia & AMS Instrumentation Validated by Battelle

In 2014 the Air Force was concerned about possible Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) violations pertaining to total coliform and disinfection by-products at a number of their facilities. On behalf of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) Battelle conducted a demonstration and validation of real time water quality monitoring technologies manufactured by Veolia and Aqua Metrology Systems to develop a comprehensive water monitoring approach to proactively address concerns pertaining to potential SDWA violations. Battelle operated the technologies from May 2015 through August 2016, the instruments proved successful and could be transitioned to broader Air Force use. An overview of the demonstration and validation project has been compiled into a presentation.


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