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Monitoring Real-time Ammonia/Ammonium Levels in Brine in the Chlor-alkali Industry

The online Instran™ analyzer is integral to maintaining safety in the chlor-alkali process. Instran™ is effective at measuring ammonia and ammonium in brines above 80 g/L; it ensures plant optimization by allowing real-time and accurate monitoring, despite the difficulties presented by a high concentration of NaCl in the sample.

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Real-time Fluoride Measurement in Petrochemical Industry

British Petroleum (BP) replaced one of its existing Tytronics online fluoride analyzers at the Castellón refinery in Spain with the online Instran™ Fluoride analyzer. Monitoring fluoride levels in real-time with a reliable and accurate online water quality analyzer is integral to maintaining safety of the alkylation zone and overall refinery. Since its installation in January 2022, the Instran analyzer has been operating continuously and has met the facility’s needs to monitor fluoride levels in real-time within the alkylation zone.

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