Aqua Metrology Systems

THM-100™ Online THM Monitor

The automated online THM-100™ monitor uses an approved “purge-and-trap” sampling method, followed by desorption into a chemical mixture that generates a colored product and time-resolved spectrophotometric analysis for detection and determination of THM levels.

The THM-100 measures for the chloroform or bromoform species as well as TTHM. The THM-100 has an accuracy specification of ±10% and has demonstrated a relative standard deviation of 3% or less on CHCl3 and Br-THMs and approximately 1% or less on the TTHM value during independent testing.

THM levels are monitored daily and delivered every four hours or less through the self-calibrating instrument. Monitored results are delivered through communication options including 4-20mA, wireless or USB.