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Predict future THM levels in the present

The online THM analyzer, THM-100™, turns your THM remediation process into an intelligent water treatment system! THM-100 delivers accurate and reliable, time-sensitive, real-time levels of THM formation potential and THM predicted network data for raw water sources and treated waste and drinking water.

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Real-Time THM Data


Intelligent Water Treatment Systems

SafeGuard™ H2O is an advanced on-site, on-demand, automated non-toxic reagent generation system that is advancing the treatment of inorganic and trace metal contaminants and supporting carbon reduction targets by replacing the need to deliver and handle toxic bulk chemicals to treatment plants. On-site reagent generation is an affordable, non-hazardous and environmentally sustainable solution — providing a 60% cost savings and a rapid return on investment.

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Urgent Need to Replace the Use of Bulk Ferric Chloride with a More Sustainable Technology

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SafeGuard™ H2O Hydrogen Sulfide Removal System

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Intelligent Water Quality Monitoring

AMS offers a range of fully automated online water quality instruments, unmatched reputation for accuracy and reliability, that monitor inorganic and trace metal contaminants in real-time and are used to reduce material and energy use, minimize lifetime costs and limit their carbon footprint. The Instran™, MetalGuard™, SafeGuard™, SafeGuard™ Pro, and THM-100™ products serve as an essential element to ensure contaminant removal in drinking, process or wastewater.


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